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Bradly Arthur Nelson

In the early 1990’s Entrepreneur Bradly Arthur Nelson registered his first Corporation with his hard earned KING CRAB FISHING PROFITS. Building the business one deal at a time over the course of 27 plus years Mr. Nelson has forged his way forward in good weather and bad to earn his position in the market place. Mr. Nelson has hand built his now multinational business network under the original corporate structure and registration as when he started the privately held company in his early 20’s. In the beginning Mr. Nelson literally climbed his way up the ladder as the deck boss on board the American / Russian King Crab Joint Venture fishing vessels leading the most successful king crab fishing fleet in the world for approximately 10 years. The vessels were operating in Russian and Alaskan waters 24/7 for a period of 10 years. Mr. Nelson quickly learned to speak the Russian language and helped design, build, and manage the number one producer in a fleet of the top ten King Crab fishing vessels. Mr. Nelson played a crucial role in negotiations and completion of the largest seafood deal of its time worth over $2 Billion USD dealing directly with the Russian Government.

By building high level relationships and earning his position in the marketplace, constantly re-investing hard earned money into his privately held businesses, Mr. Nelson has earned the respect around the globe developing bonds with POWER ELITIST’s and STRATEGIC RESOURCE MANAGERS built on trust and performance that has lasted 27 years and counting. Mr. Nelson began his long journey building high level relations specifically in the Seafood, Beef, Coffee Food stuff distribution, Video Security, Radio Frequency I.D., Algorithm Technologies, Bulk Wholesale Petroleum and Fuel Products, Solar Power and Renewable Energy, Gold, Diamond and Jem Stone Refining, Cutting, Polishing Wholesale and Retail Sales. Mr. Nelson maintains businesses, partnerships and strong business relations in Southern California, Seattle, Montana, Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Florida, Hawaii, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, Australia, Europe, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India and China.

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